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Getting a Brazilian Visa in La Paz

The main reason we came to La Paz was to get our Brazilian visas, a pre-requisite for Canadians travelling to Brazil.  We’re taking our transatlantic cruise from Sao Paola in March, so we needed to make sure we secured our visas in advance.  

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Crossing the border from Peru to Bolivia by land

We were a little anxious about doing our first over land border crossing from Peru into Bolivia but based on all the research we had done, we felt confident that we had picked the route with the best reputation for easy crossings – Puna to Copacabana.  

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Puno was a bust

Puno, Peru is situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca, which sits 3,811 m (12,500 ft) above sea level, making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. It also happens to be the largest lake by volume of water in South America.

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