A new year, a new look!

A big thanks to our friend Daphne in Holland (pictured to the left with her boyfriend Jasper) who customized the header on our website with personalized images from our recent travels.  We think she did an awesome job and we’re thrilled with the new look. Daphne is a young web designer with clearly lots of talent.  She did this on her own initiative and sent it to us as a gift.

If you’ve been following our travels, you may recall that we met Daphne and Jasper while on our Galapagos cruise which seems like ages ago.  They were the young couple that joined us on the second day of the cruise.  It was Daphne who took all the great underwater shots when we were snorkelling.  We hit it off with them right away and ended up spending time with them after the cruise too.  In fact, we kept running into them so often that we jokingly accused each other of stalking.  It was downright bizarre when we ran into them weeks later while watching the Mama Negra parade in Latacunga.   Such a small world out there.

Thanks again for a wonderful gift; it’s one we’ll enjoy all year long!

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2 Responses
  1. Dad says:

    You both look like a couple of happy-go-lucky teenagers… Happy safe new year!

    • christina says:

      I feel like a teenager these days – carefree, no responsibilities – and it feels great. I think that picture of us jumping captures the essence of this round the world trip – we’re jumping for joy, relishing our freedom, not a care in the world. I’m so glad it’s part of our website. Take care, Dad. Love Christina