Camino Day2 – Chris

Had a relatively restful sleep last night… the accomodations were great!

Got an early start, I was walking at 6:25am or so… it´s actually nice to start early; it´s cool, and the sun is just coming up, so the lighting for potential pictures is fantastic!

My feet were still a bit sore from yesterday´s walk, and they got progressively worse today.  I have blisters on the outside of both of my heels, so I was limping along by the end of the day.

I probably had breakfast at the same place as Christina, a ham and cheese sandwich and coffee, and another sandwich I purchased for lunch.  I bought an apple and banana along the way, and stopped briefly for a second coffee.

It was relatively early in the day when I reached the point that Christina says she stopped at… can´t remember the name of the town, but I did stop at the crossroads, where I took of my socks and shoes, and shared my sandwich with a relatively hungry kitten…

From there, it was another 5km to my final destination, a little town called Larrasoana.  The accomodations aren´t quite as nice as last night, but for 6 euro, I´m not complaining.  The pilgrim dinner will be 11 euro tonight.

Upon arrival, I cleaned up, and did two days worth of really, really stinky laundry… then rested a bit, before sampling a nice big, ice-cold beer.

It´ll be another early night, I hope my feet heal overnight… if they are too sore, I´ll only go as far as Pamplona, a mere 17km or so from here.

Wishing I had brought my laptop… there are internet hotspots which would save paying 2 euro everytime I sit down at the hostél computer, but more importantly, I´d be able to dump my pictures to it, and work my magic with them… pretty hard to get pictures editted and posted with these limited computers… it´ll take me the month of July at Colin & Lynne´s to catch up… I was thinking of their place today… hoping there are a couple of cozy chairs, and a nice big HD TV to watch the Olympics on!  🙂

That´s it for now, dinner is ready in 5min, and I have to see if my laundry is dry yet!


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2 Responses
  1. Connie and Yves says:

    Hi Chris,
    Wow! This walk you guys are doing is really amazing!! I hope your blisters heal quickly. I wonder how many pairs of shoes and bandaids someone goes through during a 780 km walk? I know if anyone can do it, it definately would be you and Christina. I actually met someone last night at the restaurant who also did that walk. I believe he said it took him 32 days. I’m not sure if that is average or if he might have been ill a couple of those days but he really enjoyed it. I’ll be supporting you all the way by reading your posts and i’ll keep Dad and Bobbi updated too. I give you both a really big “high Five”.
    As always your in our prayers and thoughts often. Love you and happy trails.


  2. christina says:

    Hi Chris,
    I´m missing my lap top too as the albergue I am in tonight has free wifi. It does have a free computer too which I have been using but still can´t upload pictures. Enjoyed a huge pilgrim dinner tonight for 10 euro and I ate every crumb of it – I was really hungry. Had a big beer earlier this afternoon with lunch – tastes so good after a long walk. I picked up a salami in a grocery store today and will think of you (and our Patagonia camping trips) when I munch on it tomorrow. Glad you´re safe and sound. Hope those blisters heal up. Buen Camino!
    your sweetie 🙂