Some pics so far (Chris)

Some pics of my camino thus far… no lipstick or make-up… I´ll do that later when I have the chance… damn I miss my laptop…


More later… it´s painful trying to do this from the alburgue computers!!!


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6 Responses
  1. sonja says:

    the pictures are great….it really gives you a feel for the place. Cheers, Sonja

    • chris says:

      Thanks Sonja… just wish I had my computer with me to dress them up a bit… I feel exposed not presenting them in the best possible light… then again, me exposing myself on this blog is nothing new! 🙂

  2. These pictures are great Chris. Don’t worry about a native image, its the content that matters.

    Talk soon!

    • chris says:

      Thanks Andrew! I love the early morning light… gives things a totally different look!

  3. I love magic hour…it definitely gives everything a different look. I’m usually never awake to see it in the morning only at night 🙂 Keep up the walking and snapping pics and please upload some more!!

    • chris says:

      Will do, when there´s something I find interesting, and the time to upload again!