Camino Day5 – Chris

Well, as Christina will atest, I can be my own worst enemy.

Despite thinking last night that I´d take a day to rest my weary feet, I arose this morning feeling rested, with feet that didn´t actually hurt too bad… and so… I soldiered on towards Estella, about 24kms down the road.

The scenery wasn´t all that great today, average really, a few charming little towns along the way, and relatively flat; no major mountains to climb or descend.  That being said, I found most of the day difficult… it didn´t take too long for my feet to start feeling sore, and it was really, really hot…

Estella looks like it has a lot of history, and the albergue I´m staying at allows multiple night stays… and because it´s Sunday tomorrow… I AM going to rest DAMN-IT… even the good lord himself apparently rested on Sunday, so why shouldn´t I?

Missing my wife… she´s gone AOL… under the radar so to speak… perhaps she´s taking a vow of silence for the rest of the journey?  Perhaps she´s hooked up with some handsome young pilgrim from Austria, or Denmark, or Germany, or (insert country name here), and can´t find the time to jump on the computer?  🙂  Or perhaps she is just enjoying the solitude of the journey, and taking a break from emails and blogging… which is totally fine… nice to have the opportunity to just ´be´for awhile… buen camino sweetie-pie…

That´s it for now… enjoy the weekend everyone!

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