Camino June 20th (Chris)

Well, I had every intention of taking a bus about 60km down the road, as I mentioned in my prior posting, but as it ends up, I only went as far as Villafranca del Bierzo, a distance of about 23kms.

My day started with a scenic walk through the countryside for about 8km to Ponferrada, where by chance at the bus station, I met up with Catherine and Alf ( who isn´t doing so well… big-time tendonitis, or something…).  They talked about how nice Villafranca was supposed to be, and after considering the rigmarole it was going to take to get me to where I thought I was going (three buses, taking all day),  I decided on joining them.  Sometimes the camino shows you the way…

From here, I should be able to walk the rest of the way to Santiago, if I average 27kms per day… should be easy enough to do… if I find myself struggling, I can always take another bus down the road a bit… time will tell!



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