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A long journey to Jordan

The distance between Dahab, Egypt and Petra, Jordan is a mere 210 km as the crow flies.   But we weren’t travelling as the crow flies; no, we were taking a bus to Nuweiba, a ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba and a taxi from Aqaba to Petra.  … [Read more]

A piece of paradise in Dahab, Egypt

It was love at first sight.  The aquamarine waters, the gentle sea breeze, and the cloudless skies were the perfect setting for the cozy hotel we booked ourselves into at the last minute ten days ago.  … [Read more]

An incident at the Giza pyramids

As tensions flared, erupting into riots and demonstrations in Tehrir Square on Friday afternoon, we witnessed an incident at the pyramids in Giza that caught us off guard and made us realize how quickly situations can escalate and how important it is to stay alert to your surroundings and to avoid large gatherings of any kind.  … [Read more]

Exploring Cairo, old and new

With only three days at our disposal, we limited our explorations to the downtown core of Cairo and focused on a few of the most interesting and important sites.  We used the metro system when we ventured a little further afar and found it to be a reliable, safe, cheap and fast way to get around.… [Read more]

Bed bugs – a blessing in Cairo

My stomach tightened into a knot as we entered into the train station at 4:30 on Monday morning and  I saw the train that would take us to Cairo.  It was old, dirty, and marred with  cracked and broken windows. … [Read more]

The temples and tombs of Upper Egypt

Since arriving in Luxor a week ago, we have been immersed in ancient Egyptian history, mythology and culture.  Luxor is a bustling city of about a half a million people with an economy heavily reliant on tourism. … [Read more]