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Exploring the Attractions at Marina Bay

Adjacent to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay is an oasis of lush greenery that has won multiple accolades since it first opened in 2009.  Spanning over 100 hectares, it is a nature lover’s paradise comprising man-made super trees, a flower dome, cloud forest and many kilometers of walking paths through immaculate gardens of Jurassic proportions. 

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A Splashy Start in Singapore

After 36 hours of travel including two long, overnight flights (Montreal to Doha – 12 hours; Doha to Singapore– 8 hours), we arrived in Singapore on Friday morning feeling well rested.  

Somewhere along the way we lost half a day of our lives, as we are now 12 hours ahead of Ottawa time.  At

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Chris and Chris Break Free…AGAIN!
At Ottawa International Airport, waiting to begin our new adVenneture!

Eight years after departing for our epic around the world trip on September 8, 2011, the stars have aligned once again and we are heading out for a new 6-month adventure.  Beginning in Singapore, followed by some island hopping around Bali for a few weeks, the broad plan is to spend about 6 weeks in Australia, which will include New Year’s Eve in Sydney watching the fireworks over the Harbour (check that off the bucket list).  A

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