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Singapore – A Foodie’s Paradise

The diversity of Singapore’s foodie scene is astonishing where old school hawker markets are as common as five-star, Michelin rated restaurants.  While Chris and I are pretty adventurous travellers, I must admit we don’t have very adventurous taste buds.  We tend to stick with what we know, and I for one, am quite happy to eat the same thing over and over again.  Needless to say, this presents a few challenges while on the road, especially in countries where English is not commonly spoken and restaurant menus become an intriguing puzzle.  When we are off the tourist track, the likelihood of finding food that we recognize is even further reduced.  

Somehow we managed to feed ourselves during our last trip around the world (and I even gained a few pounds), but I do remember many times woefully dreaming of a having a simple bowl of cereal or some toast and butter – comfort food at its best.  During our last trip, we could have been spokespersons for Snickers bars and single packs of Oreo cookies as these were our go to travel snacks, readily available everywhere we went, and tasting consistently the same as the ones back home. By contrast, we quickly learned that chips, crackers and other snack foods may have looked the same on the outside, but they sure didn’t taste anything like what we were used to.  

This time around, we have challenged ourselves to get out of our food comfort zone and be a little more daring – within reason of course.  For starters, while in Singapore, we focused on eating where the locals eat – the hawker centres.  We learned that most Singaporeans don’t cook at home.  Quite understandable given that the majority live in very modest apartments, and the cost of food is very high, as compared to the cost of food at the local food stands.  Unfortunately, the food in those food stands is not very healthy (too much salt and sugar) and consequently, there has been an increase in nutrition related illnesses. I noticed quite a few billboards related to the rise in diabetes, admonishing the public to eat more nutritious food.… [Read more]

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