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Chris and ChrisIn 2011, my husband (Chris) and I (Christina) boldly chose to break free from life as we knew it. And now we’ve embarked on an epic adventure for a year (or maybe two if the money holds out) that will take us around the world to see places we have only read or dreamed about.

We welcome you to join us on this journey. Through our writing and photography we hope to share our experiences with our friends and family in a way that will help others to get a real sense of the places we visit.

So that’s pretty much what this website is all about. But there really is much more to this story. Why did two average Canadians living a very typical middle class lifestyle decide to chuck it all and hop on a plane for Ecuador? How did we make it happen? Read about the “journey before the journey” if you’re curious about the process we went through.

We hope you enjoy our site and we don’t mind one bit if you live vicariously through us for a while!

Chris and Christina

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