Camino de Santiago Packing List

Below is a complete list of everything I packed for our 780 km walk along the Camino de Santiago. Doing the walk during the month of June meant I needed to be prepared for both hot and cold weather and both are possible at that time of year.  The list includes the clothes I wore.  All clothing was made of fabric that was quick drying and wicked moisture away from the skin.

Estimated total weight:  9 kg


1 full length hiking pants
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of capris (thrown in at the last moment)
1 long sleeve base layer top
1 base layer bottom (I caved, and threw it in just before going to bed!)
1 long sleeve shirt with UV protection
2 t-shirts
1 pair of running shorts (used as pyjamas and back up walking shorts)
3 pairs quick dry underwear
2 pairs smart wool hiking socks
1 pairs light cotton socks
2 sports bras
1 regular bra
1 tube kerchief (not sure what this is really called – it can be worn as a headband, kerchief, hat)
1 lightweight fleece
1 rain jacket (not light weight or compact unfortunately, but it was all I had)
hiking sandals
flip flops
hiking shoes
1 sunhat


1 small shampoo bottle
1 soap
small tube of moisturizer
small tube of sun screen
bug spray
small tube of Vaseline (for feet and lips)
lip balm with sun screen
tooth brush and tooth paste
medication: advil, Tylenol, immodium, Benadryl
prescription meds: 5 week supply
band aids and antibiotic cream
safety pins
sewing kit
ear plugs
razor and 2 blades
hair stuff:  comb, elastic bands, clips
nail clippers


1 – 500 ml water bottle
sleeping bag
sleeping mat
notebook and pencil/pen
head lamp
passport, bank card and 1 credit card (VISA)
towel and face cloth
hiking poles
clothes line and 4 plastic clothes pins
black shopping bag (folds into small pouch about 2 inches long, weights next to nothing)
whistle (in case I fall down a ravine and need to attract attention)
piece of duct tape wrapped around pen
extra zip lock baggies
money belt
camera and charger
memory stick (back up of important documents from my laptop that was posted to Santiago)
back pack – 65 L, 2.5 kg which was far too big and heavy but it was all we had.  Could probably get away with one that is half the size.


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2 Responses
  1. chris says:

    Ah… hello???

    If ANYONE is going to fall down a ravine… it’s probably going to be me… perhaps I should be the one doing the camino with the whistle?

    Chris (of ChrisAndChrisBreakFree)

    ps) Buen Camino, sweetie-pie!

    • christina says:

      I have a spare one that you could use……and come to think of it, you really should take it because it has a compass in it as well. What are you going to do without your co-pilot at your side for a whole month?? Just remember to keep going West, ok. If you reach the ocean, turn back you’ve gone too far.

      Are we going to “talk” to each other through the blog this month? That’s one way to get comments! Buen Camino to you too honey,

      Christina (the other Chris of ChrisAndChrisBreakFree)