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Breezing through Berlin

Two and a half days were hardly enough time to do Berlin justice so we had to spend our time wisely.  We arrived two hours late on Monday afternoon due to train delays which cut our time even shorter.  … [Read more]

A visit into Germany’s dark past

An imposing memorial on a hilltop stands as a vivid reminder to the horrors of Germany’s dark past.  In a pretty beech forest just a few kilometres outside of Weimar, a town famous for its cultural life and ironically where Germany’s first democratic constitution was signed, the Nazis established the concentration camp of Buchenwald.… [Read more]

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Discovering Jena and the Thuringen area

From literary giants to world class optics to international cookies, Jena and the surrounding region has been full of surprises.  We had no idea this area had so much to offer.  Throw in a comfortable home base, the use of a car, home cooking, and generous hosts and it has added up to a relaxing and enjoyable visit.… [Read more]

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A warm welcome to Germany

Champagne and sunshine welcomed us to Germany where we are visiting my cousin Detlev and his family for a couple of weeks.  Although we arrived in Leipzig quite late in the evening last Saturday night and we had to travel about 100 km to Detlev’s home in Jena, the family popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate our arrival.  … [Read more]

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Ireland – Did it live up to our expectations?

We began our three week trip through Ireland with a preconceived notion of what Ireland would be like.  I don’t think we were completely unrealistic as I was quite sure we wouldn’t see any leprechauns or fairies fluttering about, but we did expect to experience something quite magical, maybe even mystical.  … [Read more]

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A grand perambulation through Ireland

With images of majestic castles and stunning landscapes dancing in our heads, we set off for a three week tour of Ireland.  We were in search of a romantic maybe even nostalgic vision of Ireland that we had somehow conjured up in our minds, perhaps based on clever marketing that we had unwittingly absorbed, movies we have watched over the years and literature we have read. … [Read more]

A quick update from Ireland

What can you do and see with three weeks, a rented car, a  glorious/glovebox map, three guide books, and no set itinerary or plan?  We’re two weeks into our three week trip and we’ve travelled about 1400 km so far.  … [Read more]

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Enroute to Ireland

We’re sitting in the airport in Bristol, England waiting to board our flight to Ireland which we have just learned has been delayed by 4 hours.  I see this delay as a bit of a blessing as I’m feeling rather unprepared for our upcoming three week road trip in Ireland.… [Read more]

The family vacation continues in the UK

We left Paris at noon on Wednesday under warm, sunny skies and we were greeted with gloomy,  rainy weather as soon as the train emerged from the chunnel onto British soil.  How disappointing!  We arrived back “home” in Newark-on-Trent by mid-afternoon, giving us plenty of time to give the kids a tour around the town centre.  … [Read more]

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Highlights of Paris

Paris is such a huge city with an estimated population of more than two million and a metropolitan population of over 12 million, covering about 105 square kilometres, we could barely do it justice in the short period of time we had.  … [Read more]

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