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Adiós Ecuador!

Our last week in Ecuador has been a bit of a whirlwind.  It’s hard to believe that last Sunday we were hiking Cotopaxi, then biking in Baños on Tuesday, sightseeing in Cuenca on Thursday, and visiting some archaeological Inca ruins in Ingapirca on Friday.  … [Read more]

Biking in Baños

On Monday, we said our final good-bye to Quito and travelled 4 hours south by bus to Baños.  This small town, nestled in a valley within the Andes in Central Ecuador, is known as the “Gateway to the Amazon” as it is located on the Pastaza River in the Amazon River basin.  … [Read more]

Third time’s a charm

After two failed attempts due to illness (first Chris and then myself), we finally hiked Cotopaxi on Sunday.  Before I share the details of that excursion, I think I should provide an update on my health as some of you may be wondering what happened after my visit to the doctor earlier in the week.  … [Read more]

Update from Quito

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Quito for more than a week already.  Last Friday we got the results for the stool tests: negative for bacterial infection, negative for parasites, but positive for blood.… [Read more]

Best laid plans go awry

Let me begin this post with this: First, I am fine so nobody needs to worry about me (details are below). Second, I debated whether or not to write this post.  So far, our journey has been a pleasant, adventurous tale that I think our friends and family are enjoying.… [Read more]

Trapped in a fiesta

“La Fiesta de la Mama Negra” is described by Wikipedia as “a well known traditional festival in Latacunga. It is a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African influences. It takes place twice a year.[Read more]

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Hostel or maybe hostile cooking

We landed in Guayaquil late Tuesday afternoon and had plans to travel to Cuenca the next day.  There has been a national holiday this week and it seems like the entire nation has taken the week off for holidays. … [Read more]

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Hammerhead sharks and more

Diving in the Galapagos Islands is a dream for most divers and was one of the main reasons I worked so hard to get my Open Water Certification before we left Canada. Diving here can be very challenging with the strong currents and cold temperatures.  … [Read more]

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Galapagos Islands Cruise Day 8: Birds, Birds, Birds

Our final stop was at North Seymour which is a small islet north of Baltra with typical arid vegetation including prickly pear cactus, palo santos trees and salt bushes. The visitor trail on North Seymour is approximately 2 km in length crossing the inland of the island and exploring the rocky coast.… [Read more]

Galapagos Islands Cruise Day 7: Snorkelling with Sharks!

The clouds have overtaken us.  I awoke this morning surprised to see we were still anchored in the bay at Rabida Island and disappointed by the overcast, gloomy sky.  Considering this is our final full day at sea and every day thus far has given us perfect weather, one can hardly complain. … [Read more]

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