Checking in at 12 months

After a year of travel, it is time once again to pause and reflect on our journey.  I checked in six months ago and shared my thoughts about how we were managing – our money, our relationship, our backpacks amongst other things.  I’ll do the same now that we’ve been travelling for twelve months.

We’ve spent the past six months in Western Europe which was not exactly our plan; albeit we don’t really have a plan so this outcome shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Originally we thought we would spend just a short period in the west before heading east to explore Eastern European countries, primarily for budgetary reasons.  But here we are, six months later and we have spent all of our time in Italy, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Germany – some of the most expensive European countries.  So how are we doing with our budget?  What was the impact of a month of separation on our relationship?  Are there any new challenges as we reach our first anniversary of travel?  How have our clothes held up?  And finally, what do the next six months have in store?


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