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  1. Jim & maya says:

    Hi chris. Really awesome pictures.

    Me and maya are trying to figure out how you made the colors look like paintings.

    Jim & maya

    • chris says:

      Well, hello Maya! (and of course, Jim…)

      Thanks for the compliment… glad you are enjoying!

      The pictures you are seeing are actually three pictures sandwiched together; one that is ‘properly’ exposed, one that is 2 stops ‘under’ exposed, and one that is 2 stops ‘over’ exposed. This helps to expand the tonal range of the final result. I use software called ‘Photomatix Pro’ to layer the images together, and then Photoshop and/or Lightroom to tweak the image to my liking… it’s not as complicated as it sounds, and I really like the results… I attempt to blur the line between photograph and painting… email me if you want a more technical explanation!

      Great hearing from you guys… take care!


  2. Jeanne says:

    Hi Chris & Christine
    I have been checking everything out once in a while. Life is amazing!!
    I can’t believe the pictures you took, usually you would see that in National Geographic!
    Wow, it’s so beautiful how you are doing this trip, it’s adventurous for us in Sudbury too
    who have not been to too many places in life!! Good for you!! you wanted something
    and you went out to do it!! Lots of us think about it but nothing comes out of it!!
    Miss you and think about you guys often, always wondering what you’re doing at that
    moment!! Love you Jeanne xoxoxoxoxoxo

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