Getting ready

The journey before the journey

Nine months. In the time that it takes to give birth to a new baby, we gave birth to a new life for ourselves, albeit a temporary life. It took nine months to transform ourselves from middle class suburbanites to traveling nomads. Our gestation period was anything but smooth as we faced emotions ranging from anxious despair to euphoric joy. While our lives have already changed – in both obvious and not so obvious ways – it’s far too early to tell if this is just a temporary break. Regardless, I’ve got an inkling our lives will never be the same again. After all – we’ve broken free! But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.

Why don’t I start with introductions?

My name is Christina. I am 49 years old, married with two grown children from a previous marriage. My husband Chris (yes, Chris and Chris – now does the domain name make sense?) is 43 years old. We are successful professionals working in the information technology (IT) field for over 15 years.

To the casual observer, we had it all – the American…or should I say Canadian dream. We lived in a very comfortable house in the suburbs of Ottawa, Canada. We have a full, active life (lots of family and friends, exotic vacations, nice cars, etc. etc.) and we enjoy good health and a pretty good level of fitness (at least most of the times) – we even ran marathons!

We could have easily continued to live our lives in that lifestyle through to retirement – which will be in about 15 years for me….maybe a little longer for Chris (seeing as he is still such a youngster). And there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that. Or we could shake things up a bit…….. read more

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