Plan A or Plan B?

Plan A or Plan B?

With the decision made, and our confidence at a new high, we proceeded to share our news with our immediate family and friends. Anyone affiliated with our work was deliberately kept out of the loop at this time for obvious reasons as we did not want to jeopardize our employment until we had firm dates in hand.

For the most part, people responded in a very predictable manner. At first there was incredulity and awe and even a little envy that we could even consider embarking on such a fantastic journey. This was often followed by gentle expressions of doubt….oh but are you sure you really want to leave your beautiful house after all the work you have done to it? What will you do when you get back – where will you live and work? As the idea sunk in a little more, people began to express the loss they would feel with our departure. While it was touching to hear the positive impact we have on our close circle of friends and families, it was also sobering as we realized the negative impact our absence would have….and it gave us cause for pause.

A new question arose – was it selfish of us to do this? This was difficult for us as we are the type of people who enjoy helping others, reaching out where there is a need, being generous and extending ourselves for others. This is our nature, it is who we are. Could we take a year or two to pursue our own personal interests, to the exclusion of others?

Our resolve and commitment to Plan A was dissolving before our eyes as our desire to be there for others conflicted with our personal pursuit of possibilities. I looked for alternate options that could lead to a win-win solution for everyone involved…..and so Plan B emerged. We would keep the house, keep our jobs and just take a 3 month sabbatical to travel to one continent rather than the world. In fact, we entertained the possibility that over then next ten years or so, we could do several sabbaticals and thus see the world in the same way we would have done with Plan A. So what was it going to be – Plan A or Plan B? read more

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