What’s the plan?

PlanningAnybody who knows me, knows that I always have a plan. Usually I have a back up plan in case the first plan doesn’t work out. And I’ve also got the worse case scenario figured out too. I’m just that kind of person – you know, the kind who makes lists, is far too organized, and yeah, is sometimes a little on the rigid side, some might say controlling or bossy – although I’m working on that.

When we shared this grand idea with our friends and family, everybody wanted to know – what’s the plan? And our response has been: the plan is to have no plan. Again, those who know me, couldn’t accept the “plan-less” me and prodded me further – no really, what is your plan? Where are you going? How long are you planning to stay in each place? How will you travel? Where will you stay? What sort of accommodations will you have? What are you bringing?

I maintain there is no plan other than the selection of our first destination (Quito, Ecuador) and a reservation for our first week of accommodation – in a hostel, with shared bath – we figure we better dive right into this new lifestyle while we’re feeling fresh and fearless (this is our first stay at a hostel – will let you know what it’s like when we get there!)

After that, we really do plan to wing it and figure things out as we go. Here’s the rationale for this:

  1. We want the most flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that arise along the way, whether this is a recommendation from a fellow traveler or from a local, or we happen to love the place we’re in and want to stay longer (or we hate the place and want to get the hell out of dodge asap).
  2. Throughout this experience, we want to challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone – this approach is definitely pushing my limits.
  3. We don’t want to be tied to a schedule and all the associated stresses that brings. I want to be in the Zen sort of place where if things don’t go as expected, its ok, we can roll with the punches, make lemonade out of lemons – much easier to do this when you don’t have a rigid itinerary to follow.

So I’ve just noticed I made a list above – I guess it’s just in my blood. But that aside, I really am committed to try this flying by the seat of your pants travel style…….really, it’s true, I’m not going to make a plan……

OK, I admit, I do sort of have a HIGH level idea (let’s not call it a plan) of the order of continents we plan to visit, and a ROUGH timeline for the overall trip (which explains why it has evolved from the original 1 year to 18 months to the current 2 year timeline), along with some of the “must do” places to see and things to do. But really, it’s not a plan. It’s just a concept. Subject to change at any time. Please, don’t plan any trips to see us based on this timeline – there are absolutely no guarantees that things will work out this way……like I said, it’s an idea, not a plan!

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