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Camino de Santiago: Day 1 (Christina)

From St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles (31.7 km)

I began to walk at 7:45 under beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures even this early in the day.  I tried to get provisions for the day but most of the shops were still closed. 

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Getting to St. Jean Pied de Port

I´m a little behind but what´s new.  I see that Chris has posted a blog entry already (isn´t he speedy!) which is great.  I´ve completed my first day too, but before I write about that I wanted to tell you about getting to St.

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Camino Day1 – Chris

Well, it was tough going at times, but I managed the 27kms to the first stop through the mountains in roughly 7 hours.

Passed Christina at the 7.5 km mark, even though I left a half hour later in a vain attempt to get my hair cut before starting… the barber was closed on Tuesdays.

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