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Some pics so far (Chris)

Some pics of my camino thus far… no lipstick or make-up… I´ll do that later when I have the chance… damn I miss my laptop…


More later… it´s painful trying to do this from the alburgue computers!!!

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Camino Day3 – Chris

Well, I managed to quite literally, ´hobble´to Pamplona, and am staying at the ´Jesus e Maria´albergue (7 euro)… bed #5 if you´re looking for me sweetie…

I am really enjoying the journey… walking for the most part in solitude, but chatting to people occasionally along the way, but at the moment, my feet feel like hamburger… blistered and bruised like they´ve never been before… my hiking boots are toast… (hmmmm… hamburger and toast would taste good right now…)  🙂

I tried everything today… changing socks, changing into my hiking sandles… nothing would give me much relief, until I put on the thickest pair of hiking socks, which make everything feel really tight, but they were the lesser of all evils.

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