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Camino de Santiago: Day 6 (Christina)

From Los Arcos to Torres del Rio (7.6 km)

I am a mother on the Camino today.

I sleep in until 6:30.  Me feet are feeling better but they are still tender.  I think today should be a rest day and enquire to see if I can stay for another day.  

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Camino de Santiago: Day 5 (Christina)

From Cerauqui to Los Arcos (35.6 km)

Sore feet are my companions on the Camino today.  I get up around 6:00 which seems to be the norm now and I make two crucial errors before I even begin to walk.  

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Camino Day7 – Chris

Hi folks… losing track of the days here… it´s Monday, so that would make it day 7?  Yes… day seven.

Stayed at a nice little Austrian hostel two nights ago… think the town was called El Corton? 

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