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Some pics so far (Chris)

Some pics of my camino thus far… no lipstick or make-up… I´ll do that later when I have the chance… damn I miss my laptop…


More later… it´s painful trying to do this from the alburgue computers!!!

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Camino Day3 – Chris

Well, I managed to quite literally, ´hobble´to Pamplona, and am staying at the ´Jesus e Maria´albergue (7 euro)… bed #5 if you´re looking for me sweetie…

I am really enjoying the journey… walking for the most part in solitude, but chatting to people occasionally along the way, but at the moment, my feet feel like hamburger… blistered and bruised like they´ve never been before… my hiking boots are toast… (hmmmm… hamburger and toast would taste good right now…)  🙂

I tried everything today… changing socks, changing into my hiking sandles… nothing would give me much relief, until I put on the thickest pair of hiking socks, which make everything feel really tight, but they were the lesser of all evils.

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Camino Day2 – Chris

Had a relatively restful sleep last night… the accomodations were great!

Got an early start, I was walking at 6:25am or so… it´s actually nice to start early; it´s cool, and the sun is just coming up, so the lighting for potential pictures is fantastic!

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Getting to St. Jean Pied de Port

I´m a little behind but what´s new.  I see that Chris has posted a blog entry already (isn´t he speedy!) which is great.  I´ve completed my first day too, but before I write about that I wanted to tell you about getting to St.

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Camino Day1 – Chris

Well, it was tough going at times, but I managed the 27kms to the first stop through the mountains in roughly 7 hours.

Passed Christina at the 7.5 km mark, even though I left a half hour later in a vain attempt to get my hair cut before starting… the barber was closed on Tuesdays.

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What to pack for the Camino de Santiago?

We have spent today getting ourselves organized for our month long walk doing the Camino de Santiago. Most people spend a fair bit of time getting themselves prepared for such a long journey even purchasing special gear.  

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Off to Spain and the Camino de Santiago

We are now headed to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 780 km journey from St Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  We have 29 days allocated (yes, that translates to approximately 27 km per day) after which we hop onto a plane and fly to London, England where we will be visiting relatives (Colin and Lynne) for a few days (my niece, Catherine’s in-laws) and then staying on at their place for the month of July while they travel to Canada.

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