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Our round the world trip comes to an anti-climatic end

With just ten days left in our round the world trip, we wanted our final days in Vietnam to be memorable and special.  To that end, using Hanoi as our home base, we planned a trip to Sa Pa in the north, close to the border with China where we would go trekking for several days in the Hoang Lien Son range of mountains.  

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What’s for dinner in the Mekong Delta?

As dusk began to fall, the local food market in Can Tho was abuzz with activity. Vendors lined both sides of the road, their array of delectables set neatly on the ground ready for the evening rush.  

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The best and the worst beaches in Thailand

After three weeks travelling along the south west coast of Thailand, we have been dazzled by endless days of sunshine, miles upon miles of golden beaches and warm aquamarine water. We started in Koh Lanta and worked our way north, visiting enough beaches along the way to form our opinion of which ones we liked the best and which we thought were the worst.

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Stranded in Penang after a side trip to Singapore

We’re on our way to Thailand, and have been for about a month.  The problem is that we keep getting distracted with other interesting places along the way and our side trip to Singapore was no exception.  

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Breezing through Berlin

Two and a half days were hardly enough time to do Berlin justice so we had to spend our time wisely.  We arrived two hours late on Monday afternoon due to train delays which cut our time even shorter.  

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A grand perambulation through Ireland

With images of majestic castles and stunning landscapes dancing in our heads, we set off for a three week tour of Ireland.  We were in search of a romantic maybe even nostalgic vision of Ireland that we had somehow conjured up in our minds, perhaps based on clever marketing that we had unwittingly absorbed, movies we have watched over the years and literature we have read. 

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The family vacation continues in the UK

We left Paris at noon on Wednesday under warm, sunny skies and we were greeted with gloomy,  rainy weather as soon as the train emerged from the chunnel onto British soil.  How disappointing!  We arrived back “home” in Newark-on-Trent by mid-afternoon, giving us plenty of time to give the kids a tour around the town centre.  

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A walking tour of Tuscany

Ugo was hosting a walking tour in our area during our second week at Trove and we were invited to join in some of the walks, but only if his clients, an Australian couple, were in agreement.  Ugo and Barbara arranged for us to meet the clients one evening early in the week so that they could size us up to see if they could put up with our company for a few days. 

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Running around in Rome

By the time we arrived in Rome, we were all starting to show signs of travel fatigue but we continued our gruelling pace for the final three days, in fact, I think our pace intensified as there was so much to see in Rome. 

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Getting lost in Venice

Upon the recommendation of one of our guidebooks, we spent two days deliberately getting lost in Venice which is not hard to do when you consider Venice is really a collection of 118 islands connected by 400+ bridges.  

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