Where we’ve been in Chile

Date of Arrival (1):  December 16, 2011
Date of Departure (1):  January 8, 2012

Date of Arrival (2):  February 5, 2012
Date of Departure (2):  February 15, 2012

Total number of days in Chile: (1)  24  + (2) 15 = 39 days

High Point: Hiking to the top of an active volcano in Pucón on the last day of 2011, and celebrating the new year with a glass of champagne, before sliding down the mountain on our bums in the snow.

Low Point:  Hearing that fires were raging out of control in Torres del Paine – just a few days before we were planning to travel to that area.  It was because of this that we altered our plans and went to Ushuaia, Argentina to take an Antarctica cruise before circling back into Chile almost a month later.

Favourite Location:  Pucón and the Lakes District reminded us very much of cottage country in Ontario.  Although the area was very toursity, we still really liked it.

Worse Location: None – we loved Chile, in fact it reminded us in many ways of Canada.

Places visited (in chronological order):

    San Pedro de Atacama
    La Serena
    Castro, Chiloe
    Ancud, Chiloe
    Puntas Arenas
    Puerto Natales

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