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(This article is part of a series called:  Checking in at 12 months.)

What’s the plan for the next few months? We plan to travel until May or June 2013 at which time we will make our way back to Canada. I would rather return to Canada in the spring rather than the fall.  So what are we going to do during the next few months?

Given our eroding travel fund, we will focus on cheaper countries.  Our first country will be Egypt where we expect to stay about a month, touring around the country on our own, assuming it is safe to do so.  After that, we aren’t sure.  I still want to go to India on my own for a while to do some volunteering and to attend a meditation workshop where you must remain silent for 10 days.  I know, I’ll probably only last a day, but it’s worth trying.  We’ve been talking about settling down for three months in Thailand just to take a break from the travelling.  Thailand’s neighbouring countries, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are also beckoning.    Trekking in Nepal is still a possibility, although I did send all my warm weather clothes home and I think I’ll need to replace my hiking boots before I undertake another trekking expedition.

We have decided not to visit some countries this time around.  Kenya with the hike to Kilimanjaro and an African Safari are off the table as is Australia and New Zealand.  We’ll save those places for a future trip.

All this to say, we still don’t have a plan.  We’ve got ideas and a general direction (East) and I guess we’ll just keep winging it as we go.  It’s worked for us so far, so why change now!


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2 Responses
  1. Dan Weslake says:

    Hi Chris & Christina;
    Although Ruth and I have been checking your postings intermittently, we decided to put aside an hour to REALLY peruse your website and fully appreciate the journey you’ve both experienced. And WHAT a journey it has been! From Antarctica to Tuscany to Thailand – what an adventure. Thank you for providing us with with such a wonderfully written account of your travels. Between the compelling stories and the amazing photographs, well, it was almost like we were ‘along for the ride’.
    And now that it appears that your ’round the world’ adventure is coming to a close, we wish you safe passage for the rest of your trip and we look forward to seeing you when return to the Great White North. More importantly though, Ruth and I really hope that you’ll accept our standing offer of having the two of you over for dinner and conversation – so that you can share even more details about your experience. Despite the website, and all of the fantastic stories, we’ve missed you both.
    In the meantime, we’ll keep checking in on your postings, to see what other adventures you have up your sleeve, and we look forward to your return to Ottawa.

    • chris says:

      Hi Dan, Hi Ruth!

      Glad to hear from you, and to know that you’re enjoying the blog! We really try to bring everyone ‘along for the ride’! Christina is an excellent writer, and truly captures the essence of our experiences (and she’s actually a budding photographer in the making…). The blog is a great gift not only to our friends and family, but also serves as a fantastic medium for us to remember our travels! We graciously accept your dinner invitation upon our return… at this point in time, I’m kinda hoping you’re not planning to serve anything ‘Asian’… I’ve had my fill of noodles for awhile! 🙂

      See you soon,