Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

We let Plan B percolate and for a while it seemed that this was the way to go – it was a safe, sensible, prudent way to proceed. A three month sabbatical meant no need to face any fears or doubts since we really had nothing to lose. It was more like taking an extended vacation rather than making a life altering transition….and therein lay the rub.

As we fantasized about the exotic places we could see in a three month timeframe secure with the knowledge of returning to our safe and predictable lives, we temporarily lost sight of what was driving this entire process. The weight of uncertainty immobilized me. I was truly conflicted as my head safely directed me towards Plan B, but my heart pulled towards Plan A.

Finally, after much discussion and reflection, the clouds of confusion cleared and made room for clarity of purpose and vision. Plan B would not help me answer the question – what’s next? In fact, Plan B was an answer in itself – it presented an alternate lifestyle that we could pursue for the next 15 years if that is what we wanted to do. And maybe that will be the final outcome……but in choosing Plan B now, we would forsake the adventurous journey of discovery; it was like jumping to the punch line before hearing the joke. With clarity came conviction….the conviction to follow my dreams and passions wherever that may take me. To do that, I needed to allow myself the opportunity to discover my dreams and passions through the execution of Plan A…but… were we really ready to jump? read more

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