Camino Day1 – Chris

Well, it was tough going at times, but I managed the 27kms to the first stop through the mountains in roughly 7 hours.

Passed Christina at the 7.5 km mark, even though I left a half hour later in a vain attempt to get my hair cut before starting… the barber was closed on Tuesdays.

I took far too many pictures to be sure… and realize it´s going to be hard to limit myself to 40GB spread over 30 days or so!

I´m chaifing a bit between the legs, and my feet or sore… possibly the beginning of blisters…

More later, I´m tired, and hungry, and my euro worth of internet is running out!

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2 Responses
  1. Anna says:

    Hi Chris…this is Anna from northern CA. I very much enjoy reading about your adventures and I can’t wait to begin my own.
    I fly out on thursday and will be in SJPdP on June 4.
    I look forward to any tips you have to offer.
    Buen camino and say Hi to Christina when she catches up. Hey, I thought you were the dawdler!

  2. Angus says:

    Go Chris Go! We’re counting on you buddy to represent the guy team so don’t let us down.